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kidpainting2Quality learning experiences begin at home with parents as the first, and most important teachers.

Virginia Quality was created to help parents find high quality child care programs throughout Virginia.

Virginia Quality tells parents what quality looks like. The quality rating standards set the standards for quality improvement. There are five quality levels. At each level, programs are led through certain quality features and will be engaged in quality improvement. The criteria define what the program will be assessed on, and the required activities define the quality improvement activities that will be available to help achieve the quality improvement required for moving to the next level.

Each Level reached by a program certifies that the program is reaching beyond the requirements of the minimum licensing standards, demonstrating a commitment to provide high quality care and learning experiences for young children.

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The childcare centers, preschools & family day homes at this link have voluntarily chosen to participate in a process of continuous quality improvement.

By doing so, these programs are demonstrating their commitment to providing quality early learning experiences for young children in our communities.