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momreadingVSQI is now “Virginia Quality”
The Virginia Star Quality Initiative has a new look, a new name and new quality standards that recognize the key role of early learning in improving child outcomes. The Virginia Department of Social Services and the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation announce in August 2015 that Virginia’s Quality Rating and Improvement System will be known as “Virginia Quality.” READ MORE

Early Childhood Professionals
Early Childhood professionals are vital to ensuring that young children are prepared for success. Whether you own or work at a child care center or you care for children in your home, Tidewater Community College (TCC) and Virginia Quality can support you and your work with the community’s youngest citizens.

Virginia Quality was created to to help programs improve overall quality and rating level and communicate their commitment to quality early education to parents and families.  Participation in the program is voluntary indicates to parents and the community that your program is exceeding licensing standards and is committed to quality.

Participation will be spread out over several levels, and programs will engage in quality improvement through the whole process.

Quality Levels
Programs will achieve different “Quality Levels” based on how many aspects of quality they have demonstrated, and how far they have come in the process.Programs will be able to move through the quality levels at their own pace. The most challenging aspects of quality will be measured in the highest levels, after programs have had the opportunity to work on the components of quality that lay the foundation for success in those higher levels.LEVEL 1: Basic Health & Safety
LEVEL 2: Education & Qualifications
LEVEL 3: Curriculum & Assessment
LEVELS 4 & 5: Environment & Interactions
At each level, programs will be measured on certain quality features and will be engaged in quality improvement. These are called “criteria” and “required improvement activities” in the new Virginia Quality framework. The criteria define what the program will be assessed on, and the required improvement activities help lay the foundation for future levels. Criteria are the same for all programs, however the required improvement activities can be completed in a variety of ways depending on what programs need.Click here for a detailed look at the new Virginia Quality Framework, standards, criteria and required activities.

Fast Track

Virginia Quality will now have a “fast track” option that will recognize programs whose quality is already being assessed and monitored by another organization. Soon, Virginia Preschool Initiative, Head Start, and NAEYC-accredited programs can participate with less paperwork. Plans are in the works to recognize more partner organizations for the fast track option in the future.

Benefits include:

  • A network of support and outreach from early childhood professionals
  • Scholarships
  • Training opportunities
  • Access to online training modules and certificates
  • Resources and materials
  • Competitive marketing advantages


Technical Assistance

Programs will have access to a variety of TA options and individuals with targeted expertise, so that quality improvement can be customized by program.

Virginia Quality Technical Assistance Providers are trained and qualified early childhood professionals dedicated to working with programs on improving quality.

Regional workgroups and Learning Communities will be available for Virginia Quality programs to participate in.  These in-person and web-based offerings will focus on the specific criteria and activities for each Quality Level.


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For more information on the Technical Assistance available to Virginia Quality programs in the Eastern Region, please contact Heather Kitsis, Quality Coordinator.

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