Virginia Quality @ Tidewater Community College

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The evidence is clear – quality early education is key!

Our Mission –

To work with our community partners to prepare children for success in school and life!

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Our Goals –

  • To identify the high quality early child care and education programs that already exist
  • Improve the access and quality of early care available to children in Hampton Roads and the Eastern Region
  • Provide resources and support for  early childhood programs
  • Ensure excellence in teacher preparation, improve consumer awareness

  What is Virginia Quality?


Children’s brains can’t wait!

The most critical time is the first five years when 90% of brain development takes place.  The quality of daily experiences shapes the brain, preparing it for a lifetime of learning. The skills we look for in the workforce, critical thinking, working well with others, are all built on the foundation of the early years. That’s why every dollar spent on early education yields a return of around $7 – $17. Children who enter kindergarten unprepared are  more likely to perform below grade level in the third grade and  are unlikely to ever catch up. Virginia Quality is a free and voluntary system to assess, improve and communicate the level of quality in early care and education settings that families consider for their children. Please join TCC and its partners in our commitment to identify and improve quality in early care and education settings across the Eastern Region of Tidewater.

We know quality early education gets results!

The results of a 2010 study commissioned by Smart Beginnings South Hampton Roads with The University of Virginia’s Center for the Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (CASTL) showed that children in centers with more mentoring hours had significantly greater rates of development of language and social-emotional skills during the school year.STAR Rated Centers had significantly higher overall quality learning environments and instructional practices than comparison centers.

When the workforce pipeline begins: